Novice Training

This training is for trainees with no previous experience of operating lift trucks. It will fully cover the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate the type of lift truck and handling attachments the trainee will be required to use. To partake in this training, the trainee must be over the minimum age. They will have a reasonable degree of physical fitness and be able to satisfy the requirements set out in the guidelines prepared by the Employment Medical Advisory Service.

Experienced Operator

This training is appropriate for trainees with prior experience in operating lift trucks i.e. for trainee/s who have lift truck experience but have had no formal training or documentation of proof of training.

Safety Refresher Course

This practical course is designed for existing lift truck operators who can produce documentary evidence of previous training and testing. Lift truck operators are recommended to attend this course at 3-year intervals.

Job Specific Training

This training is a further essential element of training, which normally will follow the completion of basic training. It will be tailored to the employer’s particular needs.

Conversion Training

Conversion training extends the range of lift trucks that an experienced operator is qualified to drive. It involves an operator that is previously qualified to learn to drive a truck of a different category, for example, a counterbalanced operator converting to operate a reach truck. This training is completed with the same attention to detail as basic training so that any gaps in existing skill and knowledge are covered during the training.

Instructor Training

Prior to instructor training, candidates should ideally have industrial experience of operating all types of lift trucks and have passed the relevant operator standard test. For more information on Instructor Training, please see our Instructors page